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24/7 Teen Talk English

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24/7 Teen Talk English


24/7 Teen Talk English is a comprehensive, two-level language course for children aged 9 to 13.

24/7 Teen Talk English is built around the adventures of Gilbert Grace, a British teenager who is the main character of the program. Gilbert takes the user into his circle of friends, his family and his imagination. As an adolescent in today’s world of computers, mobile phones and the Internet, he helps his peers to acquire basic understanding and command of the English language.

In a playful and non-conventional educational environment teenagers are encouraged to:

  • learn new vocabulary
  • practise English grammar
  • play language games
  • practise all language skills

24/7 Teen Talk English is designed to introduce a broad range of language skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension.

The program integrates latest technology – animations, games, interactive presentations and activities to inspire and excite students to learn English.

How it is used?

  • Teaching Tool
    This product can be used as a teaching tool in a classroom or in a lab. Teachers can project this software in the room and use it as a tool to deliver the goal (or part of the goal) of a lesson.
  • Self-study
    Students can use this product as a self-paced learning resource where they can select the lessons that they want to learn at anytime, anywhere.
  • Blended learning
    This product can be used as a part of a normal classroom lesson, where the teacher can mix the use of traditional teaching and learning methods with some components of this software.

Teen Talk For Students

Learn English and be entertained with Gilbert, an adolescent in today’s modern world of computers and internet.


  • Lessons are organized into 16 units with 5 lessons in each unit.
  • Total of 80 lessons with flash and animation content.
  • Approximately 80 hours of instruction.
  • Revision and test lessons are provided.
  • Topics range from greeting people you don’t know, to travelling, sports, computers, families, people’s past, holidays and hobbies.
  • Different cultural contexts are presented to help learners have a broader understanding of the social world.
  • Native speakers provide good models for students to follow.
  • A unique speech recognition system is provided for oral training.

Minimum Requirements

PC with Pentium III 600 MHz processor or higher
Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP operating system with IE 6 or higher
256 MB RAM
30 MB free space on HDD
1024×768 screen resolution with thousands of colours
CD/DVD-ROM drive
16 bit sound card
Speakers & microphone/headset
Broadband Internet connection – 384 kbps or higher