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The Learning Club


The Learning Club or also known as “TLC” (Developed and managed by ICT Learning SDN BHD) is a social learning website based on social-networking & collaboration, group study, teacher tutorial services (coming soon) and top quality online and print resources for all school students and teachers.

What’s special about TLC?
    It is a platform for all your learning resources; from exam preparations, interesting articles to multimedia content covering a wide range of topics presented to you in our 30,000 Learning Multimedia.
    Do you need help with school work? Why do it alone? TLC provides the platform for you to share your workload with peers and create a strong support network.
    Be heard in TLC! Here, you can participate in your groups, classes, or in your school. We provide the 3 levels of structured learning at your full convenience.
    We supply useful and timely resources according to your school syllabus. You can also find interesting articles from a pool of creative teachers and successful young entrepreneurs.

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